Hunting Supplies for the Great Outdoors!

Hunting Supplies

Hunting activity is included in the outdoor activities that sometimes we in the hunt less attention to the problem of preparation as well as standard equipment and hunting supply. It is necessary, because we do not know when or where we get lost or wrong path while doing the activity outdoor or hunting.

Well, here we try to review a bit limited knowledge of the author about the equipment and what preparation is needed in these outdoor activities. First of all the things needed in outdoor activities in this case the hunt is the knowledge of the terrain or the term knowledge inland navigation, because these activities are done on land, of course.

Definition of inland navigation is the study of how does one determine a place and leave the shadow field, whether a state of the surface as well as the landscape of the earth with the help of at least a map and compass as hunting supply. Based on the above understanding, the minimum we have to master the knowledge of maps and compass.

The topic of discussion is not wide. Here we will discuss about the land navigation in detail, because I will review some more on the post of its own, but simply provide an overview of the importance and understanding of inland navigation base to do all the outdoor activities or in this case the hunt. Hunting is fun, sometimes we forget to do the preparatory activities or carry standard equipment, which is already carry guns and bullets, immediately unplug it. After the incident we experienced lost or disaster, such as injured or fall, we are aware of the importance of new standard hunting supply equipment inland navigation.

Minimum equipment that must be carried by a hunter outside the rifle based on the experience of the author, among others, a small or medium knife. Knives or machetes can help us, such as a small example to cut branches or twigs for the base we sit down or it could be to cut the branch where we hid.

It also can be to open the way to the lush bushes. In terms of hunting, gun certainly will not be left behind but sometimes we overlook the bullet / pellet reserves, whereas in certain situations bullets as hunting supply are needed so it would be nice if it was about to hunt on the field that we have never touched or terrain that we lack experience, it needs to be considered.

Another thing that needs to be prepared is P3K equipment, such as antiseptic, plasters, gauze and cotton. Small scissors may be additionally can we include in our P3K equipment, or can use a knife which we have brought earlier. Medicines and equipment is needed before the first treatment when things happen that we do not want.

Equipment that is no less important in the other hunting is a means of communication, such as phone or handy talky for hunting supply.

In the era of technology and communications, these tools cannot be underestimated, especially in terms of hunting because we need information about the existence and position of comrades to anticipate misunderstanding and miss-targeted, as well as for coordination in ambush prey.

Technology for mobile phones now are becoming more sophisticated, such as are already equipped with GPS navigation or a Google map that can be used as a substitute for the compass and map manually. But in the hunt, sometimes we go into a weak signal area or even blank, where the role of a compass and a map is needed. So, a compass and a map as hunting supply for me personally are obligatory to carry.

As an additional tool that may be taken is a versatile toolkit, which is in one tool there are various types and function of each, such as pliers, knives, spoons, screwdrivers, saws, etc., to be more simple and practical. Another addition is a pair of binoculars, rope, solid food supplies such as bread / biscuits and chocolates, drinking water, a hat and a whistle. To cap besides useful to shield the head from the sun as well as the chief protector of wild animal bites that are above, such as tree snakes. And can also as a protection from sharp branches or twigs that are above.

Meanwhile, we can use the whistle as hunting supply to sound marker or caller comrades, when we are separated from the group or our group, because the sound of the whistle louder and higher pitched voice raises, so within its reach farther than the human voice shout. You must have seen the movie titled Titanic in this film there is a scene where the actress acts fragment of the effectiveness of using a whistle to mark the presence of a person in a rescue mission. It is such as the usefulness of this whistle as hunting supply.

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