Preparation for Hunting and Fishing – Yep We Fish Too!

If we want to buy hunting and fishing equipment, it helps to first determine its type. For example is a salt water or fresh water. The sea water is very easy to make the metal rust. So the reel for salt water is specially designed. It is different with fresh water reel. In addition to consider the water, the pull of the sea fish is also very strong.

Hunting and Fishing

With basic fishing techniques, sometimes it is weak already bent rod although only bear the burden of weights and lures only. Having a good survival backpack is a must to keep your hunting and fishing gear dry and secure.

As for fresh water, only a riverside location just requires rod and reel rather strong. It is the need for ballast more to hold the bait stays in place when using benthic fishing techniques. The ballast requires matching rod so fish can feel the sensation but on the other hand is strong enough to attract fish and ballast.

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Reel for sea water up to a depth of 200 meters can be as follow. Just suppose we want to buy hunting and fishing equipment for the marsh, ponds or pools. The technique used is to use a float. We recommend looking for the smallest reel, enough strings 3-14 kg. String length is 150-180 cm. If the strings are too strong, the sensation is less pronounced and hard strings tied to the hook. Similarly rod that is too big and strong, the pull of the fish sensation felt. If we want to fish to a depth of 200 meters in the ocean, string measuring 40 kg (about 80 lbs) it is enough to subdue the resistance of fish. Unless see stingrays, another story. The strings are too strong, difficult for anglers when the hook or ballast stuck on the reef.

Fishing pole to swamps and ponds can be done as follow. Tackle shop provides many options. If not solidify option, then potential buyers will be confused and unsure. If so, the fishing rod is used because it purchased less than the maximum moment of doubt. The fish is later free to be hooked. Once at the bait shop, find the appropriate equipment specification required. Then find what makes us falling in love at first sight. Do not hesitate, have such equipment. After we bought it, a new look around the other fishing equipment. As for the hook, how to choose a good hook is as shown below. Pick hook there, and choose a hook that snagged the bottom. It is a sign that the hook is already impatient hooks to the fish’s mouth.

Choosing reel is much to be of concern, ranging from the material, weight, gear ratio, and the drag on the reel system. Heavy reel of course directly related to our comfort, especially when fishing using a reel that is quite large, such as for popping techniques. Reel with strong materials tend to be heavy, while the reel with light and strong material made quite expensive but at least there are a few weight ratio reel with a quality that is not much different that could be taken into consideration. Especially where we stand when we feel comfortable.

fishing backpack and gear

Gear ratio on the reel determines the speed of rotation of the spool in one round handle reel, it affects how long strings of maximum taken into the spool reel in one round handle, (in this case a big spool on a spinning reel also influential), which is certainly related to engineering fishing which we will use, reel with a high ratio above 5: 1 would be more suitable in use for fishing techniques that require fast retrieve such as casting or popping, while the ratio below 5: 1 is more suited for jogging or heavy foundation engineering. System drag on the reel to be smoother to pull the strings out on the fish, if not smooth drag system will provide power shock on strings, it is very bad for the wearer strings branded that could not take the pounding and at risk of dropping out.

To drag wisher itself I do not advocate to make modifications even though the grounds to enhance the Performance drag on the reel, since manufacturers reel into account the ability to drag with axles and other systems on the reel including body stamp (the handle of the reel) which directly receives the effects of the load drag given by drag reel. At the risk of reel as bent or broken handle of the reel, the reel with some less good material. For more details, read tips on choosing a reel.

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